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Re: Benoist Fleury Violin 1760


From: Katelyn
Date: 05 Apr 2006
Time: 08:55:10
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From: ViolinMan
Category: Choose a Category
Date: 1/23/2001
Time: 11:50:55 AM
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It is still possible that the violin is an authentic Fleury, although one cannot say without seeing at least a photo let alone give a definitive answer. The pixelated label is likely copied out of a dealer's luthier dictionary. Often an appraiser will make an attribution to a certain maker, copy the label, and place it in the violin. I've seen typewritten labels in some violins that were obviously not original to the violin, but the name on the label was consistent with the violin itself. Fake labels can be very convincing in and of themselves, but often they don't "go with" their respective violins. As far as valuations, what's worth $500 to one appraiser may be worth $5000 to another, regardless of their competence.

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