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Benoist Fleury Violin 1760


From: Chase
Date: 05 Apr 2006
Time: 05:57:53
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Date: 12/28/2000
Time: 2:08:15 AM
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I was just searching and I discovered something interesting about my violin and I hoped somone out there would know. I have a violin that says Benoist Fleury 1760 not Benoit- though there is another violin maker of that era whose name is Benoist Flette. Both are French. My voilin may not date as far back as 1760 because the label inside the violin is somekind of pixel print. That makes the violin more recent. We do know that it at least goes as far back as mid-1800's. It may be a copy but if anyone would happen to know about this please contact me. The violin was appraised in Chicago for $10,000 several years ago when my grandfather took it, however, I question if the appraisor had sufficient knowlege. Robin Reyes

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